Blending both traditional and modern yoga postures, technique and practices to help you find freedom in your body and inspire a sense of peace and clarity in mind by connecting you wiry your true nature and creative self expression. Experience a relaxing retreat like no other and lose yourself among the magnificent nature that surrounds you with the implementation of safety and health protocols adapting to the new norm following WHO guidelines. Guests of Inna Bali Beach Resort can enjoy various facilities for any lifestyle, recreational facilities such as pools, cycling by the sea, and others activities.

Opening Hours

07.00 - 17.00



For your safety, the Yoga will be closed during heavy rain, thunderstorm and lightning.

Guests are reminded no to leave their valuables unattended.

The Management shall not be held liable for any loss and/or damage from any cause, around the YogaArea or in the vicinity of the garden area.

Guests using the Yoga, please do so at their own risk.

The Management shall not be liable for any accidents and/or injuries sustained by the guest using the Yoga Area or in the vicinity of the garden area.


Recreational Service